“I really appreciated my coaching time with Bob. He was able to utilize a wide variety of tools, ideas, and perspectives that made a long-lasting impression on how I view myself in my relationships and career. Thanks to Bob, I’ve been able to draw on less-obvious strengths to accomplish goals with ease that would have otherwise been more challenging. If you are wanting to take the next step in your career, or want to better understand how you are wired for the sake of growing and succeeding in life, I would highly recommend working with Bob." - Steve, Project Manager, Davenport Iowa

"Bob spent a day with our staff and powerfully had us uncover things about ourselves that will help us better serve - one another and our students at Calvin. Ultimately, Bob helped us understand how we have been uniquely created by God, to better know and embrace our callings. And our journey will continue as we continue to invest in understanding ourselves and others." - Randy Moes, Principal at Calvin Christian School of South Holland, IL

"I’d highly recommend, Bob! His strengths finders coaching was incredibly impactful for our team and for me personally. Bob is gifted in engaging all in conversations. The way Bob asks questions was so helpful in providing practical applications as an individual and as a team. Lots of creative activities to facilitate discussion and increase awareness. Great stuff!” - Pam VanderMeer, Faith Church, Dyer, IN

"Bob came out and did a workshop with my staff, and it was an eye-opening experience and a great encouragement to recognize and build on the diverse strengths of our team. Our team had done the StrengthsFinder assessment previously, but Bob took that information to the next level and helped us apply it to our thinking in very practical and useful ways. I highly recommend Bob's expertise to anyone interested in the professional and personal development and growth of your team!" -Ryan Zantigh, Financial Aid Director at Trinity Christian College

"The training that Vision 2-10 provided was a very worthwhile seminar. Everyone enjoyed Bob's presentation and the group activities. The individual strengths report helped all our employees better understand themselves and each other. This has helped build more teamwork and boost our employee morale." - John Dolan, Thermosystem Inc.